About Author

Dr. Claus is the author of fifty seven books.  He combines his love of poetry, photography, and the natural world to create his stories.

He is the father of four, and an Eagle Scout.
Dr. Claus is an educator and has taught second grade and fifth grade students in an urban and suburban environment.

He served with many brave man and women in Operation Iraqi Freedom and was separated from his family for over a year. While in Iraq, he volunteered to distribute school bags and much needed supplies to Iraqi school children.

Dr. Claus personally understands the cost of freedom and has witnessed many acts of bravery while serving the United States of America. 

A Gift Of Love is close to his heart because it is about a man who serves.

His published works include:


A Gift of Love


Love Poems 101

To Thee I Sing

Poems Of Love

The Promise

Daughter Of Kings

When You Breathe

My Love Whispers

The Poetess

Inhale Deeply

My Lover

Clair de Lune Serenade

My Gentle Butterfly

The Poetess (Aquarelle)

The Promise (Aquarelle)

My Lover (Aquarelle)

To Thee I Sing (Aquarelle)

Inhale Deeply (Aquarelle)

My Love Whispers (Aquarelle)

When You Breathe (Aquarelle)

Daughter Of Kings (Aquarelle)

Medley Mole Meets Buddy Rabbit